Successful Constituent Management: A-10’s McGlade, CIAA’s McWilliams, And George Washington’s Vogel

    Full Transcript   Jason Belzer: I’m Jason Belzer for AthleticDirectorU and today we are at the Women Leaders in College Sports Conference. And I am joined by CIAA Commissioner, Jacqie McWilliams; Atlantic 10 Commissioner, Bernadette McGlade; and George Washington University Athletics Director Tanya Vogel, thank you for joining me today, ladies.   Bernadette

Operational Dynamics Behind Baseball & Softball Programs: UCLA’s Walker & Vanderbilt’s Webb


Inside The Knight Commission: Knight Commission’s Perko, Collegiate Sports Associates’ Turner, Penn State’s Cross

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

The State Of The Big East With Commissioner Val Ackerman

    Full Transcript   Matt Roberts: Hi, Matt Roberts with D1.ticker and Athletic Director U here at the 2019 Women Leaders National Convention in sunny Phoenix, joined by Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman. Good to see you again, Val.   Val Ackerman: Hey, Matt, great to be here.   MR: I want to start

Athletic Department Power Index: Big East Conference

The AthleticDirectorU Athletic Department Power Index, powered by Athlete Viewpoint, continues with a look at the Big East Conference. The Athletic Department Power Index will evaluate the desirability of Athletic Director jobs in every Division I conference across the country.   It’s imperative to note the Athletic Department Power Index is not intended or developed

Successful AD And FAR Synergy: Nebraska’s Bill Moos And Jo Potuto

    Full Transcript   Tai Brown: Greetings. This is Tai Brown with Athletic Director U. I’m joined here by Jo Potuto, who is the faculty athletic representative at University of Nebraska and Bill Moos who’s the Director of Athletics also at University of Nebraska. Greetings. Thanks for joining us.   Bill Moos: Thank you.