Making the Message Count: Rebranding the Media Relations Department

No longer relying on outside media, athletic departments are generating their own messages for their own audiences. In addition to fans, this includes alumni, boosters, recruits, and sponsors. In this article, Dr. Stephen Dittmore looks at changes in department and personnel titles related to this current trend.

Four Factors of Strong Relationships: Athletic Directors & Presidents

This initial look into president and AD dynamics points toward a foundation upon which to build future relationships: trust and communication, alignment, respect for expertise, and formal and informal relationships. Leadership is a skill best honed through practice.

Strategic Communication: Val Ackerman

On the topic of Strategic Communication, Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman, discusses how effective communication plays a big part in bringing all stakeholders to a consensus. Ackerman gives praise to the presidents, athletics directors, coaches, and student-athletes, saying the success of the Big East is a comprehensive effort of all parties involved.

Baseline to Baseline: An Intimate Conversation with Jay Bilas

Few people know that ESPN Lead Analyst Jay Bilas served on a NCAA committee while in college. That experience, along with so many others, have helped shape the perspectives that he has today. Trip Durham sits down with Jay to get his thoughts on transfers, venue brand, and whether or not opinions should ever be held back.

Transparency In NCAA Infractions Cases: How Athletic Departments Can Engage “Active Stakeholders”

The results of the Miami case illustrate the potential upside of having online fan support using reputation repair strategies to influence social media followers at a time when the university may be limited in what it can say publicly. “Fans become a source through which a positive message can be issued to counter existing negative reports.”

Conversations on College Athletics: The Business and Entertainment of College Basketball

Debbie Antonelli has 30 years experience in college athletics. Many know her as a basketball analyst for TV networks but few realize she was once a collegiate marketer. Trip Durham asks Debbie about her perspective on the state of the game, the responsibility of coaches, and how social media should lift people.