Arizona State’s Ray Anderson On Positive Leadership

Arizona State University Director of Athletics, Ray Anderson discusses leadership from a number of different angles. As with most successful leaders, Anderson begins with core values, specifically having a family-first mentality within the organization. Negotiations, organizational decisions, positive leadership are only a few of the areas touched on during the conversation. The interview was captured at the Collegiate Sports Summit hosted by Evanta.

The Mechanics Of College Sports Scheduling At ESPN With Nick Dawson

Imagine overseeing college football, college basketball, NCAA championships, and many other college sports for all of ESPN. This includes deciding which games to broadcast (should the chips fall your way), and guessing where consumers will consume the content you do put out. This is a very real position, and the person fulfilling those daunting responsibilities is Nick Dawson, Vice President for Programming & Acquisitions at ESPN

Cord-Cutting And The Future Of College Sports Broadcasting

Historically, the value in this transaction, and thus the power, rested with the content producer, but that power may be shifting to the distributor. Companies such as Comcast and AT&T which own both the content and the distribution are uniquely positioned to dictate what content they carry, and at what price.

Eschewing the Media Bundle and Related Challenges for the Athletics Department

Consumers who want sports pay for local city council news, opinion, and business news, whether they consume it or not. In some ways, the local newspaper is the last true media bundle. This begs the question of how much longer consumers, interested in sports, will be willing to pay for content they do not want?

Ari Fleischer: Behind the Podium & In the Stands

Trip Durham visits with the former White House Press Secretary for an insightful discussion about planning to stay ahead of the noise that surrounds college athletics from a social media perspective and the importance of controlling reputation.

Making the Message Count: Rebranding the Media Relations Department

No longer relying on outside media, athletic departments are generating their own messages for their own audiences. In addition to fans, this includes alumni, boosters, recruits, and sponsors. In this article, Dr. Stephen Dittmore looks at changes in department and personnel titles related to this current trend.