Baseline to Baseline: An Intimate Conversation with Jay Bilas

Few people know that ESPN Lead Analyst Jay Bilas served on a NCAA committee while in college. That experience, along with so many others, have helped shape the perspectives that he has today. Trip Durham sits down with Jay to get his thoughts on transfers, venue brand, and whether or not opinions should ever be held back.

Experts’ Roundtable: Coaching Searches

Based on my experience running searches during my tenure at San Jose State and Memphis, it all comes down to the inner circle you create to help in the process. There’s obviously a lot of buzz and interest in who you may or may not be speaking to, and it’s easier than ever for information to spread with social media. That’s why you have to establish early on what your procedures are, and then you have to be extremely careful about the people that you are bringing in to help you make them.

Experts’ Roundtable: Strategic Marketing

In the past year, we have made the 360 degree fan experience at football and men’s basketball a point of emphasis, by regularly surveying our fans.

Revenue Focus: Licensing With Fanatics’ Swallow & Fermata Partners’ Eiler

Since its formation in the early 1980’s, universities have benefited from the massive growth of the sports licensed products industry, resulting in a consistent royalty stream funding athletic department and university scholarship budgets.

ESPN To Nielsen And Netflix To NeuLion

Before you indulge in tonight’s second Presidential debate - expected to produce another record viewership total - or tune in to the NFL’s Sunday Night match-up of the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

Why Uber, Tesla & Apple May Be The Most Important Companies For Athletic Administrators To Watch

Every successful organization in the world is built upon the foundation of a strong business model.