Dr. China Jude – Senior Associate AD for Admin/SWA – Wyoming

Guest Dr. China Jude, Wyoming




China Jude, Senior Associate AD for Administration & SWA at Wyoming, visits the 1.Question Podcast to discuss her career up to this point. In the first of two parts, Dr. Jude discusses her thought process during her very successful tenure as the Director of Athletics at Queens College. Conference championships, core values, and revenue generation highlight the discussion points in this interview.


In part 2 of the conversation, Jude discusses her approach to learning as much as possible in her new position and how her previous experience as a Director of Athletics will help lead to success in this new role.



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In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

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Bruce Nelson, former CEO & President of Office Depot, continues to discuss the mechanisms of developing an organizational culture. His emphasis on people and trust is very obvious as he quotes from the book, The Speed of Trust, and asks the question “As a leader, what are you doing to develop trust?” Nelson mentions that everyone in an organization knows exactly what the leader will tolerate to accomplish goals, whether good or bad, so be aware of the culture you create.